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Top 5 Role Play Fantasies


Sex is tricky, and being sexier is even more tricky. A relationship on the other hand could feel like running a marathon because lets face it – you’re drained! Anxiety, stress and all these feelings can lead to bad sex or not enough sex, leaving your relationship feeling underway. So if you’re looking for some ways to spice up your sex life, role play is the answer when reconnecting with your partner!

Role play is sexy, seductive and playful – while being arrested in real life may cause some PTSD, being ‘cuffed’ by your officer partner could make you beg to go to jail for the night! It’s a simple way of identifying sexual fantasies and making them into safe realities. Engaging in role play is also empowering, breaking controversial power dynamics and taboos, role play is the definition of naughty!

Maybe your relationship lacks sexual feeling? Let role play be that sexual healing! You might be surprised that your partner is actually more kinky than you thought, so read on for some performing roles that could help bring you and your partner closer.


1. How BIG is your boss?

Boss Role Play

Ever fantasised about that big boss of yours? Maybe it’s an office party, and of course you’ve had a bit too much to drink, but so has he. So you wait till everyone leaves and join him in his office to read over that ‘email’. Luckily, the email wasn’t too long, so before being drunk could really settle in, he’s already got you on his desk being ideally unprofessional.

Your boss could be the ringleader, or being a vixen like employee will also work. Either way, its a bonus! Create a real life office space and maybe switch from the bedroom to the study with an actual desk to play on. You can dress up, use props, maybe you by mistake spilt some coffee on important reports. You know what that means – punishable by sex!


2. Stranger Danger

I know we were taught not to talk to strangers, so theres no better way to have you and your partner act like you’ve never met while being in a safe space. Picture this, you wouldn’t normally agree to him buying you that tequila, but without being able to take your eyes off of his expensive smile, you cant help but say yes. You’re in your LBD that actually took a long time choosing, and some heels that you wish you could take off but cant. That tequila turns into 3, and next thing you know, your LBD is too torn to be worn!

Going back to basics with acting like strangers, is a great way of reconnecting with your confident self to remind you of how to keep owning your body and its needs! Acting like strangers can be a great way to bring out that inner seductiveness and to say those dirty flirty pick-up lines that you were never brave enough to say before. Remember that you don’t yet know each others sexual

preferences in this fantasy, so make your moves, explore your imagination and reinvent your innocent rendezvous without there being any judgement!


3. ‘Special’ Delivery

Special Delivery Role Play

You need to be careful when sending out your address to delivery services, you really never know who might rock up at your door. Luckily everything went smoothly, and the package was more than delivered! Your polite offerings, and their convenience in having some time between a busy schedule is no coincidence in this scenario, its just fate.

Receiving a pizza, with a hot delivery guy is like having your main meal and dessert at the same time. “Ah I cant wait to eat you, I mean this pizza”. Yeah, thats right, I definitely mean both. The pizza took so long anyway, its only right that you receive some quality service.

As this plays on another ‘stranger’ role, its another exciting scenario to act out and pretend you don’t know your partner. So throw on those booty shorts, apply that lip gloss and don’t forget to tip!


4. Diaries of a School Girl

Student Teacher Role Play

“Dear diary, what do I do if I have a crush on someone Im not allowed to like?” Adolescent voice in the back of your head: you go for it. There’s no surprise that being a school-girl means following the rules. But in role play, there are no rules. Being a scandalous student or saucy teacher could both work in this scenario.

So wear that ‘too-short’ skirt, and that tight button up shirt that shows your bra too much, because nobody can put baby in the corner this time! Relive those horny hormone raging years by tearing down the taboos and portraying your own sexual fantasy!


5. Biggest Fan

McDreamy & McSteamy

As we sit and watch our favourite TV series or movies starring either McSteamy or McDreamy, we wonder what we’d do if we had some time alone with such gorgeous faces. Sit and drink tea? I think not. Imagine a time of locking eyes with a Hollywood superstar, and them proceeding to ask you to to go home with them. Might be far-fetched, I know, but it’s a fantasy and there’s no limits in dreaming!

Would you do it in the Jacuzzi? The new Ferrari? Or I know, the awards room! Being their biggest fan might not always be a turn on, so keep it sexy by having that attitude where you don’t want to show you care about the fame, when in actual fact its all you came for!

Chat to your partner and see who your celebrity crushes are and create a spicy storyline which both of you want to act out. Get dressed and get ready for action!


Searching For More Spice?

Bringing out the fun and naughtiness sides in you relationship can solidify your connection and maybe fill those gaps of uncertainty between you and your partner. Now that you’re thinking about which role to act out, you might want to read our other blogs for more tips and tricks to spice it up in the bedroom!

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