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Top 5 Kama Sutra Positions

Топ 5 Кама Сутра Позиции

While simple positions may be your go-to, nothing can spice things up in the bedroom like some Kama Sutra positions can! Whether you’re an adventurous athlete or a rigid rider, you are sure to find a new favourite in our top 5 Kama Sutra positions!

What Is The Kama Sutra

We’ve all heard about the Kama Sutra and know it’s a sacred, ancient book that’s all about doing the nasty in new, beautiful and peculiar ways! That’s about all most people know, but there’s so much more to this little book!

It was originally written in Hindu, and it dates all the way back to 400BC. Most people consider it to be an encyclopaedia of amazing, acrobatic positions. However, only a small portion of the original Kama Sutra is actually about positions. The other 80% addresses love-related philosophy and how to sustain desire.

While most of the Kama Sutra doesn’t focus on the perfect positions or kinks and fetishes, our blogs will teach you a thing or two about having hotter hanky panky. So when you’re doing the dirty deed, you can enjoy maximum carnal pleasure!

Missionary: Kama Sutra For Beginners

Missionary Position

Missionary is one of the most widely used Kama Sutra Positions. If you want to knock boots and enjoy some good “in-out, in-out”, then missionary is a pretty underrated position that deserves a little more credit.

There are so many variations and it’s a very intimate position! If you’re looking for some one-on-one time, be sure to maintain some eye contact!

To turn up the heat, try some role play during your bedroom boogie. Be brave and be bold, and this golden oldie will turn adult nap-time into a wet dream come true!

How To Do IT: Simply lie on your back (and relax) while your partner lies face-down on top of you and attacks the pink fortress.

Tip: Try stacking pillows under your pelvis, so your partner can thrust and lust in an upward direction, this will give your G-spot some undivided attention! Believe us, it’s mind-boggling!

Stand & Deliver: Kama Sutra For The Adventurous

Stand & Deliver Position

If you’re feeling frisky and seeking a little extra thrill in the bedroom, try the Stand and Deliver.

This hot yoga position is perfect for shallow penetration! If you prefer it deeper, try humping and bumping on your knees instead. This kneeling variation is a great way to compensate for a height difference.

How To Do IT: Start off with both of you standing, then bend over at the waist, while they enter you from behind. Then go crazy and start bumping uglies (and don’t stop until you’ve reached your climax).

Tip: If you’re worried about your rigorous romping knocking you off your feet, then lean on a table or chair for extra support.

The Good Ex: For The Flexible & Frisky

The Good Ex Position

If you’re looking for some mild mischief the next time you get some, then try the Good Ex for some great S-E-X!

While it may look complicated, it’s actually an easy position for lusting and thrusting. The Good Ex also has the added bonus of getting a raunchy rubbing of the fun bits (so you can fast track your orgasm).

How To Do IT: Sit on the bed facing each other, with your legs laid out straight-forward. Lift your partner’s right leg over your left. Then lift your right leg over their left leg – think of it as adult Twister.

Once you’re all intertwined, scoot on closer and come together, so your partner can enter the gates of heaven. Now, lie back, with your legs forming an X and add some gyrating to your humping and bumping.

Tip: This is a great opportunity to add a helping hand or to bring in a vibrator to use on yourself at the same time.

The Lotus: Perfect Position For Lovers

The Lotus Position

Also known as “the Om” position, the Lotus is one of the more intimate ways to “do it”.

It’s most effective when you grind against your partner for some extra clitoral stimulation, instead of just bouncing up and down, like you’re doing some bedroom rodeo.

How To Do IT: Your partner sits cross-legged (hot yoga style) and you sit in their lap facing them. Then wrap your legs around them and hold onto each other for some support, so when you get busy, you don’t fall off.

Tip: Being on top, means you can lower yourself onto your partner, at your pace, not theirs! So, enjoy the control, you’re a strong, independent woman and you deserve it!

Magic Mountain: The Incredibly Intimate

The Magic Mountain Positionn

If you’re looking to hit a home run and have a couple orgasms the next time you get laid, then the Magic Mountain will take you right where you want to go (again and again!)

This four-legged fox trot is perfect for optimal penetration, so whether your partner is gifted (or a hard-worker) you’re sure to enjoy a couple climaxes, when you get it on with this move.

How To Do IT: Have your partner sit down with their legs bent, leaning back on their hands and forearms. Now you do the same, and then shift toward them, until you thread the needle, then start scoring (and don’t stop!)

Tip: Add some grinding to intensify the pleasurable effect!

Mastering The Kama Sutra

Did you know that Kama means “erotic practice”, and Sutra means “holds life together”?

While getting laid may be one of life’s greatest gifts to womankind, it certainly doesn’t automatically keep the world spinning on its axis – however when it’s hot & heavenly, it truly feels that way!

This bedroom boogie book, isn’t just carnal positions, but we’re grateful for those too! It’s also a spiritual guide to better, more bliss-filled baby-making.

Wise Words From The Kama Sutra

These wise words from the Kama Sutra, are sure to help make your bedroom boogie more existential and transcendent, than some aggressive cuddling.

“A man should gather from the actions of the woman of what disposition she is, and in what way she likes to be enjoyed.”

This essentially means men should pleasure women during love making. Not simply pursue their own pleasure without thinking of hers, and we couldn’t agree more!

“Whatever things may be done by one of the lovers to the other, the same should be returned by the other”

This addresses the necessity of mutuality while making love. Women and men should not participate passively. They should return and reciprocate the passion, giving it back to their partner. No one wants to bedroom rodeo with a horse who can’t walk, let alone gallop!

“Variety is necessary in love, so love is to be produced by means of variety”

This essentially means that using different types of kisses, embraces, positions and spicy tactics will enhance your steamy hot yoga sessions. Knowing the various actions and art-forms of love-making and orgasm-achieving activities simply isn’t enough! You still have to be brave enough to use a variety of the techniques, tips and tricks, as well as kinks and fetishes to increase pleasure, performance and passion.

Now that you know a little bit about Kama Sutra positions, have a look at our blog on 5 Positions You Didn’t Know You’d Love! Because when it comes to making bacon, there’s many ways to achieve that sizzle.