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5 Sex Positions You Didn’t Know You’d Love

Amazing Sex Positions

Whether things are going good or bad in the bedroom everyone needs a little inspiration now and then when it comes to matters of sex positions. If you or your partner are feeling a little ‘meh’ about your sex life, this could have a huge impact on your relationship. Mixing it up every now and then can keep you both engaged and enjoying your sex life.

However, if you’re feeling a little apprehensive at first – we understand, some sex positions may look a little scary or even impossible at first – don’t stress yet! They may look a little weird but can actually prove to be quite pleasurable once you give them a go.

See our top tips on how to spice up your sex life with these iconic sex positions.

*Disclaimer: most of these positions assume a male and female partnerships, however, some may apply to a same-sex partnership. *

Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl sex position

How to do it?

Have your partner lie on their back while you straddle them facing away (both of you should be facing the same direction just differing in positions).

Why it’s great:

If you’re someone looking for maximum penetration, then you should definitely try to incorporate this sex position in your repertoire.

It’s great for taking control and gaining deeper penetration regardless of their size. This position also helps you hit your G-spot better – and the angle gives you a better vaginal sensation too.

What’s more, is that both you and your partner are free to fondle. Try reaching down and for a bit of ball play during the deed, or tweak this position into a more upright sitting pose so your partner is able to reach around and stimulate your clitoris.

TIP 1: If it’s your first time doing this position, make sure to use lots of lube. But remember, if you’re using condoms then try a water-based lubricant as the oil may cause the latex to dissolve.

TIP 2: If you’re struggling with stability, try leaning over and holding on to their thighs or ankles.

TIP 3: Make it more exciting by “twerking”. Once you’ve gained stability, arch your back and rock back and forth while popping your butt up and down in a twerking motion. This allows you to have full control and will definitely give your partner a good view and a good time. 

Doggy-style Sex Position

Doggy style position

How to do it?

An oldie but a goodie! This position is self-explanatory – the receiving partner (you) would get on all fours (like a doggie ?). This is an entry from behind position where you would face away from each other.

Why it’s great:

This position is great for both cavities. With doggy style vaginal sex, rear entry lends itself for deeper penetration as it stimulates the G-spot. But the satisfaction doesn’t stop there, this position is also great for deeper penetration with anal sex which increases your chances of anal orgasm – a pro for the both of you!

TIP 1: Pay attention to your angle. Start by arching your back as if you’re moving into the cat-cow pose in yoga. This will improve the angle of penetration, allowing your partner to your G-spot better – it will also give them a great view which is a major turn-on!

TIP 2: Free to fondle. If you’re into breast stimulation, grab your partners hands and place them on your body. Or let your partner reach forward and stimulate your clitoris.

TIP 3: Grab a prop! Get even closer using a towel or strap and wrap it around you so your backside stays elevated during penetration. This can also help take some of the pressure off of your lower body (especially your knees).

Modified Doggy Style Sex Position

Alternative sex positions

How to do it?

Think doggy – just with deeper penetration. As the name suggests, this position is doggy style . . . but a little more intimate! You can start in doggy and move to your elbows or slowly lay down with your bodies together, or start by lying down and have them carefully lower on top of you.

Why it’s great:

Because this position is basically doggy – it has similar benefits which include deep penetration and g-spot stimulation – so if you’ve tried doggy before then you’ll love this position.

What’s more, is that it’s perfect if you’re feeling a little lazy or want to feel dominated – let your partner do all the work will you lay down and enjoy.

This position is also great because it’s both intimate AND erotic – what more could you ask for?

TIP 1: Make this position even better by throwing in a pillow. Put one or two pillows under your pelvis, so your butt tilts upwards. This makes it easier for your partner to reach your G spot.

TIP 2: Use the space around you to get comfortable. You can do this by extending your arms out in front of you or propping yourself up on your elbows. This helps open up the vaginal or anal canal, so your partner has a longer, unobstructed path for penetration

The Splitter

Easy sex positions

How to do it?

Start by laying on your back while your partner kneels in front of you, straddling one of your outstretched legs. Then, take your other leg and lift it up into the air so that it rests on his chest or shoulder. The position of your legs should now look more like a pair of scissors, with a wider opening for penetration. You can shift around and find the exact angles that work for you.

Why it’s great:

The splitter is a classic Kama Sutra position and is a nice twist to the missionary position. Your partner can easily get nice and deep as it allows for deeper thrusts which are can be great for passionate sex!

If you’re trying to get pregnant, this position is a must as it allows the penis to get deeper thus increasing your chances of conceiving. It also allows the sperm to flow easier and gain deeper access through the vaginal canal.

TIP 1: If you’re into it, try making eye contact with your partner for an extra spark.

TIP 2: The further back you bring your leg, the deeper the penetration – now’s the time to show off your flexibility!

TIP 3: This is another position that benefits from a bit of a pelvic lift. Grab a pillow for under your bum to reach that perfect G spot angle.

The Three-Legged Dog

Standing sex positions

How to do it?

Stand up and face each other, have your partner lift one of your legs up off to their side. Thereafter, it’s just fun city, your partner can enter you while you’re standing on one leg.

Why it’s great:

We know, this sounds a bit tricky – but it’s much easier than you’d think! For stability, simply hang on to your partner by holding on to their shoulders. Or lean against a wall if you’re worried about falling over.

The angle created by your raised leg will also give him a tighter fit, making it more pleasurable for both of you. By flexing your knee and Kegels, you will make it feel even tighter inside of you. This, along with the subtle rocking motion from your leg movement, lets you control the speed and rhythm.

TIP 1: For some extra friction, slightly bend your outstretched knee so that you’ll have more grip to rub against him. This gives your clitoris some great stimulation that could increase your chances of reaching an orgasm.

Remember ladies!

Just because a position looks a little weird at first, doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun – in fact, sometimes this is the exciting part! Don’t be afraid to give something new a try. If it doesn’t feel right, you can adjust it to make your own. It’s all about finding something that’s going to make you and your partner have a little fun and enjoy your sexual experience together! Try some of these positions with your partner today – you won’t regret it.