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5 tips for improving sexual self-esteem


Confidence in bed is one of the key factors for a good time, so everyone needs it. With this article we will try to elevate, improve or at least lay the foundations of your sexual self-esteem.

What is our sexual attitude?

When you go to bed with a person, whether for the first time or with a long-term partner, we have certain ideas and expectations about what and how will happen. All these mental thoughts and plans form an attitude that is sometimes negative due to lack of self-confidence. The fact is that we can’t click our fingers and magically eliminate all the factors that make us doubt ourselves, but we can try some tricks to feel better in our skin.

Take more time for yourself

No one knows you better than you do, so it’s a good idea to analyze your body without help. Focus on those areas that you find attractive and sexy and find a way to emphasize them in your daily life. This way you will be sure that you have several “strengths” that will contribute to your self-confidence in bed. When a man has an idea of what he likes, even if he does not have any sexual experience, it makes an impression on the partner.

Don’t be afraid to get to know your body, either through masturbation or simple observation, because that way you will understand how you respond to stimulation and where your points of arousal are concentrated.

  1. Flirt more

Healthy flirting is not just a way to attract attention, but it is also a good method to raise your sexual and social self-esteem. By flirting with someone, you more or less step out of your comfort zone and unconsciously improve your communication and behavior. The next time you like someone, don’t be afraid to take the initiative. Think of flirting as something you do for yourself, not as something that must necessarily lead to sexual continuation. It is almost guaranteed that by focusing on the things you like about the person, he will do the same with you. This gives you a different perspective, through which you can find your qualities that you have not paid attention to before. Don’t feel uncomfortable if you become the object of a non-committal flirtation, because this can help you take the first step next time.

  1. Undress yourself

There are no perfect bodies. Both you and your partner will notice that you have a tummy. The difference is that you care. The idea is that the more you pay attention to these parts of your body, the more you neglect everything else that happens. In order for a sex to be as satisfying as possible, you need to concentrate on each other, and this cannot happen if you constantly think about the “flaws” of your body. My advice is to undress more often during sex and foreplay. ИThere is something very sexy and intimate in the very touch of two naked bodies. Have you ever wanted to sleep with someone but not want to see them without clothes? The next time you feel insecure about your body, ask yourself this question. Arousal is based on all the senses, do not turn off the eyes.

  1. Talk about sex

Although the world is becoming less conservative, talking about sex is still taboo for some people. And when we don’t talk about something, the chance of feeling uncomfortable with it increases. Sharing sexual experiences between partners and friends is a good way to boost sexual self-esteem. Even funny and awkward stories can show you that sex is not always the perfect experience. Many men have had a momentary problem with erection or ejaculation. On the other hand, many women have experienced insufficient hydration, pain, or discomfort during intercourse. It is important to communicate in these moments. Everyone was tired, anxious, has a low libido, etc. If the problem is in you and you realize it, share it with your partner so that he does not look for it in himself. Take care of the sexual self-esteem of others, because it will affect your own.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone

We all have our own sexual identity. Unfortunately, sometimes social media and the porn industry create the wrong standards for aesthetics and what is “required” of us in bed. This can negatively affect our sexual self-esteem and make us necessarily try things that we do not feel most comfortable with. While there is nothing wrong with experimenting, it should not be at the expense of your own pleasure. It is good to find your individual pace during sex, which is optimal for you and your partner. It is much more important to fit in with each other than for everyone to try to demonstrate something new and different every time.

In summary, I advise you to analyze less and act more boldly. The basics of sex are urges and passion, not excessive planning. It is important to do it with confidence and a dose of responsibility. As the saying goes, be sexy without complexes!