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Have you ever taken a Surecheck and wondered how pregnancy tests work? As simple as the test may look, there’s actually some science to it all.
Surecheck pregnancy tests are developed with special Colloidal Gold technology that guarantees over 99% accuracy from day one of a missed period. But how is it so accurate? Surecheck tests work by registering the presence of hCG (Human Chorinonic Gondatropin Hormone) in your urine. hCG starts to appear gradually about a week after conception.


hCG is produced by the cells that surround a growing embryo and can be detected in your body as early as one week after egg fertilization. The hCG levels are too low in the beginning to give a clear result if the woman is pregnant or not. These levels continue to increase every few days of embryonic development and reach a peak around the 10th weeks of pregnancy. The hCG levels begin to decrease as the placenta becomes fully formed.
Surecheck Tip: Take your test first thing in the morning on the day of expected period. This is when your hCG levels are the highest!


Жена разчита резултат от тест за бременност SureCheck

Taking the test can be daunting, so it helps to understand how pregnancy tests work and know exactly what your results mean. Surecheck tests have space for two lines in the results window. One is marked C and one marked T. The C results is the control line and the T is your result. The control line only exists to ensure that the test itself is working, no matter your result, you should see this line appear. The T is your pregnancy result, provided you have taken the test correctly, a line here means you are most likely pregnant.


There are a few factors that can influence your result. Taking the test too early may result in a false negative. This is because the hCG production has not occurred yet. Certain medications can also affect the accuracy of your results. These medications include certain Parkinson’s disease medications, sleeping tablets, opioids, and others.
There are also some health conditions that can result in a false positive. This is caused by increased hCG levels that are not related to pregnancy. Some examples are a deficiency of immunoglobulin A (IgA), and certain types of cancer.


If the second line (in the T region) is pale this could indicate an unclear result. Understanding how hCG levels work will help you recognize why this result may have occurred. Wait 48 hours and take a new test! If the results are still unclear, seek the advice of a medical professional.
If you have taken the test too early but you are unsure how long to wait, calculate 19 days from the date you think you may have conceived.


Surecheck has two product options, The Streamer and The Cassette. The availability of these is dependent on your country of residence. Each product comes with a package insert. This insert contains step by step instructions and other helpful information. You can also visit our How To Use page now!
If you have questions about Surecheck, how pregnancy tests work, or your results, visit our frequently asked questions or contact us!