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Sex during Pregnancy- Myth or Reality?


9 months is a long time, and when combined with a lack of sex, it feels like time has stopped. It is true that this is a long-awaited and emotional period in the life of perspective parents and sex is not a priority, but then again, why should we deprive ourselves of something we can easily have?


The question: ‘Can I have sex while pregnant?’  has plagued women for years. A lot of them feel uncomfortable asking it, or do not even suspect that such an option exists. That’s why we decided to use the knowledge of Dr. Gergana Krastanova, Obstetrician Gynecologist, and at least a little bit to dispel the mystery about caresses during pregnancy. Here is what she shares about sex during pregnancy.


Pregnant are:

(a) young (with recent exceptions)

(b) women

(c) all answers are correct


The conclusion is that young and not-so-young women who don’t mind having sex shouldn’t be deprived of it – whether they’re pregnant or not. (A rule every man should pay attention to.)


As the main and most important opinion that I want to point out here – in a normal pregnancy sexual intercourse is not prohibited!!! On the contrary, abstaining from sex during the entire period of pregnancy can have negative psychological consequences, such as: problems in the relationship between the partners, increased psycho-emotional tension or in other words – unnecessary nerves.


However, often a problem arises that I hadn’t realized about until a few women mentioned it to me and that is the self-esteem problem. They themselves do not feel attractive during their “most feminine” period and feel that pregnancy makes them less sexy and desirable to their partner. Women who think like this are victims of delusions and prejudice. Therefore, the partner plays a particularly crucial role not only physically but also purely emotionally in maintaining and boosting female confidence.


Another argument in favor of sex during pregnancy is that it has been proven to help with insomnia. People say that there are no memories of sleep, but there should be memories of sex before sleep.


But can sex during pregnancy be harmful?


As I have already emphasized: sex in a normal pregnancy is not prohibited. Just because something isn’t forbidden doesn’t mean it can’t be risky sometimes, and as much as I’d like to give all perspective mothers and fathers green light in bed, that’s not exactly how it happens in reality.


What is good to avoid when and why?


It’s no coincidence that I repeated “a normal pregnancy” several times. Sometimes this period poses risks to the fetus and the perspective mother needs maximum rest. Unfortunately, this means more lying in bed and soap operas and less walking and sex. I have tried to summarize the cases in which abstinence from sex is necessary into the following groups:


  • When premature uterine contractions occur


It is not about the preparatory contractions before childbirth, but about those that occurred at an earlier stage. Then it is better for the woman to be at maximum rest and to consult the doctor monitoring her pregnancy. Sex is avoided because it can intensify contractions.


  1. 2. When bleeding occurs

For many mothers, bleeding during pregnancy is a dramatic symptom, because it can be a sign of several disorders, so at its onset it is necessary to contact an Obstetrician Gynecologist and certainly to limit sexual intercourses.


  1. Having a short cervix

This is a symptom that cannot be suspected by the pregnant woman unless it is confirmed during an OB examination. As there is a danger of premature birth, sex life should be avoided


  1. Low attached placenta

As mentioned above – this is not usually known by the perspective mother until seen by a doctor. Since there is an increased risk of more profuse bleeding with this type of placenta, it is a good idea to postpone sex.


There are some other factors to be careful with. Women are different, each with their own individual threshold to arousal, but it is still good to avoid teasing the nipples during sex. It is associated with an increased release of oxytocin, which in turn is the reason for causing premature uterine contractions.


It’s also a good idea for the partner not to cum in the vagina. Clearly, there is no danger of pregnancy at this point, but seminal fluid has been shown to contain some peculiar chemicals called prostaglandins that can also cause contractions. Not surprisingly, at the end of pregnancy, sex is even recommended because it stimulates birth activity, both the act itself and the seminal fluid itself.


And finally – sexually transmitted infections! It is important to rely on the monogamy and conscience of your partner, because these conditions aggravate pregnancy and often lead to complications and disorders. Therefore, it is best to rely on barrier protection (condoms) when having sex during pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy should be gentler and more sensual, so that nothing gets hurt in the way of the birth canal.


Other recommendations?


I want to finish with two things, the first and most important of which is: ask. One makes too many assumptions when one is afraid to ask questions. There is no shame in asking especially when it affects not one but two lives. The doctor who monitors and follows the pregnancy needs to give the necessary information on many exciting topics for the future family, and sexual life is certainly one of them.


We, the 21st– century women are modern and brave, we have access to a lot of information, and we need to make the most of it. It’s a long time now having no stigmas about sexual topics because more and more attention is increasingly being paid to their role in our daily lives. No one will look at you strangely or be surprised at such questions, but just on the contrary. Now, I have nothing to do but wish you many dirty nights and clean diapers.